LifeChums’ Aims & Hopes


To my specially designed Website for Our Disabled Community. I aim to provide the best service possible to our online users. I would like to bring together the whole Disabled Community from around the world to make friends online or to persuit a relationship if they wish.

My aim is to Daily or Weekly publish a Post of real Life Experiences of other Disabled Couples from all over the world. I am hoping that these experiences of the posts will make a difference to attitudes of people to accept the different relationships between one disabled person to another disabled person, or of a disabled person to an able-bodied person that will send across a positive message to everyone around the world. No matter what race, religion or disability they are. BUT, that they can still enjoy a beautiful long lasting relationship with anyone.

I hope that my Blog will inspire and enable those people already in a relationship and those who are out there seeking “Love” find it successfully. To Enable them to Bond and Live a Strong and Healthy Love Life and at the same time to make aware and give a better understanding to those people out there who do not understand much about disability.This will give you the opportunity to post me your comments on my Website.

Please post me your contact details along with a short description of what best describes your qualities as an individual. Visitors may show an interest and may wish to make contact with you.

Many Thanks.

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One Response to “LifeChums’ Aims & Hopes”

  1. AbleURL Says:

    It is really exciting news, that now people can know and understand more better information of the relationships with Disabled community. Best of luck.

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