Mood Disorders Series-Disabled Legend Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven was as we know a great source of confidence for himself and for others, being able to create music and play music even after being completely deaf is by itself quite a miracle. Although it was clear to everyone that beethoven was but a man, he conquered his disability and led himself to being one of the greatest musicians of all time. If there was one thing that was affecting his struggle to succeed it was not only being deaf, but having to fight all the emotions that he felt inside when he had to turn around to look at the audience applause because he could not hear. Or more so the emotions that he felt inside when all that was good to his ears could no longer be heard, and would forever remain still in his mind, making all dynamic sense of touch from music removed from his daily life.

That may have led him to a certain depression, but the downfall of his feelings were present and actively falling way before the screeching in his ears. When he was younger his father had left him alone and responsible of his two younger brothers due to alcoholism and would be severe on penalties, loud in teachings when Beethoven wouldn’t understand. When Beethoven wanted to play music with mozart and he could feel it in his dreams, the time came to do so and mozart died a year before. Basically his dreams were constantly shattered in every way but he still stood, and what he gave to the world is not a reflection of what the world had given him, it’s the reflection of a man who crossed the sea in raging waters only to sing one of the most soothing songs before heading back. Great was this man who was deaf and depressed.

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