Spina Bifida Series-Disabled Legend Rene Kirby

Rene Kirby was born on 27 February, 1955. Rene is an American film and television actor. Kirby used spina bifida to his advantage when he played his role in shallow Hal, he was also in “Stuck on you” with Matt Damon. He is the living proof that you can lead a productive life even with disabilities.

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One Response to “Spina Bifida Series-Disabled Legend Rene Kirby”

  1. Rene Kirby Says:

    The saying “stand up and be noticed” BULLCRAP
    I say you don’t have to stand up to stand out in a crowd
    I’ve told thousands of kids this and they get it.
    I trashed my crutches many years ago. Life without crutches
    is great.

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