Dyslexia Series-Disabled Legend Fanny Flagg

Fanny Flagg was born on 21 September, 1944. Fanny Flagg is an American author and actress. Fanny Flagg has spoken publicly about being dyslexic. Fanny Flagg has said she was enormously challenged as a writer because she was “severely dyslexic and couldn’t spell so, I was discouraged from writing and embarrassed”. Fanny Flagg’s burgeoning writing career was put on hold for much of the 1970s, but Fanny Flagg overcame her fear and completed several novels and screenplays.

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One Response to “Dyslexia Series-Disabled Legend Fanny Flagg”

  1. jeannie schwab Says:

    Fanny, I am a big fan of yours since Match Game. I have read all of your books (except Comming Attractions- I am still looking for it in the Florida Library system) I sure am looking forward to any new book authored by you.
    Thanks for sharing your sense of humor with us.

    Jeannie Schwab

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