Dyslexia Series-Disabled Legend Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Milton Ernest Rauschenberg was born on 22 October,1925 in Port Arthur, Texas. Robert is an American artist. Though Rauschenberg had difficulty reading he likes to put words into his artwork. Robert often misspells them. Robert also likes to play word games, for example, creating palindromes (words that can be read forward and backward.) On May 9, 2006 at Christie’s in New York City, a work of art by Robert Rauschenberg titled “Cage,” dedicated to John Cage, sold for $1,360,000, a record for a Rauschenberg piece on paper. Though his work is recognized worldwide, when he was in school his success would not have been predicted. Rauschenberg has dyslexia, a reading disability that made school very difficult for him. “I was considered slow. While my classmates were reading their textbooks, I drew in the margins,” Rauschenberg told an interviewer.

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