Dyslexia Series-Disabled Legend James Duke

James Henry “Red” Duke, Jr. was born in 1928. James is a trauma surgeon and professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. James has been working on-site since 1972.

James Duke attended Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas where he served as a yell leader. James Duke was the first person to deliver the poem “The Last Corps Trip” publicly.

James Duke has had years of achievement in the field of medicine. James Duke was instrumental in introducing Memorial Hermann’s “Life Flight” and bringing a Level 1 Trauma Unit to Houston, Texas, both of which was first for Texas and Southeast Texas, respectively. Outside of Texas, he is probably most famous for running a nationally syndicated television spot called “Dr. James Duke’s Health Reports”, which aired for 15 years.

The spot educated millions about various health-related topics, a different subject for each day. James Duke well-recognized for his distinctive Southern accent, ever-present large mustache and “Duke-isms” (like his popular segment sign-off “For your health!”).

James Duke was also the surgeon that attended to the wounds of Texas Governor John Connally, who was shot at the same time John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

Recently, the University of Texas Medical School at Houston Department of Surgery sponsored a scholarship fund in honor of Dr. “Red” Duke, aimed towards students wishing to research and train in the field of trauma.

James Duke is also noted outside of the medical community. Not only did he attain the rank of Eagle Scout, but the Boy Scouts of America honored him with the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

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