Speech Differences And Stutter Series-Disabled Legend Eric Roberts

Eric Anthony Roberts was born on 18 April 1956, in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. Eric Roberts is an American actor. Eric Roberts’ career began with King of the Gypsies (1978), earning a Golden Globe nomination for best actor debut. Eric Roberts earned both a Golden globe and Academy Award nomination for his supporting role in Runaway Train (1985). Through the 1990s and 2000s he maintained dramatic film and TV-movie roles while appearing in TV series. Eric Roberts’ television work including 3 seasons with the sitcom Less Than Perfect. Eric Roberts’ sisters Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan, and daughter Emma Roberts, are also actors.

Roberts’ Minneapolis, Minnesota-born mother, Betty Lou Motes (née Bredemus), was a one-time church secretary and real estate agent, and his father, Walter Grady Roberts, was a vacuum cleaner salesman. Eric Roberts’s parents, one-time actors and playwrights, met while performing theatrical productions for the armed forces and later co-founded the Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia off of Juniper Street in Midtown; the 2 divorced in 1971. Eric Roberts’s younger siblings, Julia Roberts(from whom he was once estranged but reconciled since 2004) and Lisa Roberts Gillan, are also actors. Eric Roberts’s mother later married Michael Motes and had a daughter, named Nancy Motes, who was born in 1976. Eric Roberts was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Grady High School.

Eric Roberts received Golden Globe nominations for his early starring roles in King of the Gypsies (1978) and Star 80 (1983). Eric Roberts was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1985 for his role as the escaped convict Buck in the film Runaway Train. In 1987, he won the Theatre World Award for his Broadway debut performance in Burn This.

Eric Roberts’s other starring roles included Raggedy Man (1981), The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), The Coca-Cola Kid (1985), Rude Awakening (1988), Best of the Best (1989), By the Sword (1991), Best of the Best 2 (1993), The Specialist
(1994), The Immortals (1995), La Cucaracha (1998), Purgatory (1999), and Con Games
(2001). Eric Roberts played the Archangel Michael in The Prophecy II (1979).

In 1996, he appeared in the Doctor Who TV movie in the role of the Master. As of 2008, he is the only American actor to ever play this role. When SFX listed previous Masters in Doctor Who, the magazine said of Eric Roberts: “Out-acted by a CGI snake in the same production.”

Eric Roberts also appears in the 2000 film Race Against Time as a father who sells his organs to pay for hospital treatment for his son and in the 2003 film Spun as “The Man” alongside Mickey Rourke and Jason Schwartzmann. Eric Roberts performed the voice of Dark Danny in Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom. Eric Roberts made a cameo appearance in The Cable Guy.

Eric Roberts starred in Royal Kill, a psychological thriller that also stars Pat Morita, Lalaine, and Gail Kim and is directed by Babar Ahmed. Eric Roberts appeared as a panelist on the television game show Hollywood Squares. Eric Roberts co-starred on the ABC sitcom Less Than Perfect. In 2006, Eric Roberts appeared in the film A Guide to Recognising Your Saints. In the same year, he was also guest starred on The L Word as Shane McCutcheon’s father, Gabriel.

Eric Roberts appeared in the 2007 action film DOA: Dead or Alive. Eric Roberts was in the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, as Sal Maroni, an organised crime boss.

Eric Roberts appeared in The Killers’ music video for their song “Mr. Brightside” as well as in the music videos for Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and “It’s Like That”. In 2006, he appeared in the video for Akon’s “Smack That”, featuring Eminem. In 2007, he appeared in the video for Godhead’s “Hey You”.

Eric Roberts appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami as Ken Kramer, a murderer on death row convicted of killing a young couple. Another notable TV appearance was the episode “Victims” of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit where he played Sam Winfield, a former cop turned vigilante community activist. In early January 2007, Eric Roberts starred in the 2-part mini-series Pandemic as the mayor of Los Angeles.

Eric Roberts voiced the Superman villain Mongul in the animated series Justice League and reprised his role in Justice League Unlimited in the episode “For the Man Who Has Everything”. Eric Roberts appeared in the 1st season of Heroes as Thompson, an associate of Mr. Bennet.

Eric Roberts appeared as himself in the 5 October, 2008 episode of Entourage, entitled “Tree Trippers”.

Eric Roberts had his daughter Emma Roberts on 10 February, 1991 with his then-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham. The relationship ended. Then, he married Eliza Garrett in 1992. Eric Roberts’s daughter Emma has joined her father and aunts in the acting business. Emma Roberts has a starring role on the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous and has appeared in the films Blow (2001), Aquamarine (2006) and starred in Nancy Drew
(2007) as the title character.

On 12 January, 2001, Eric Roberts visited The Howard Stern Radio Show with his wife during a segment called “The Gossip Game” with Mike Walker of the National Enquirer on the telephone and shared a bit of personal information. Eric Roberts confirmed that he and his more famous sister Julia Roberts were estranged for several years. The source of the estrangment had been Eric’s past drug abuse, and Julia’s siding with his ex-girlfriend over the custody battle over Emma Roberts. In 2004, he told People magazine, that he and Julia reconciled when he went to visit her in the hospital after she gave birth to twins.

An episode of the satiric cartoon series South Park featured Eric Roberts as a star in a re-enactment of America’s Most Wanted. Eric Roberts plays the genetically engineered half-man, half-monkey sidekick of the character Mephisto, where he overacts his part. During the re-enactment’s taping, a snowstorm forces a group of characters to resort to cannibalism. Eric Roberts is the 1st casualty because, as the mayor of South Park puts it, “No one gives a shit about Eric Roberts.”

Eric Roberts was also name-checked in an episode of Seinfeld; after giving away the ending of the film, Kramer tells George that Eric Roberts’ performance as the husband in the film The Other Side of Darkness was “unforgettable.” Eric Roberts was portrayed as a clay figure on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch where he fought alongside his sister, Julia, against Donny and Marie Osmond.

Eric Roberts was parodied in the web cartoon series College University, participating in a martial arts competition for washed-up action stars. Eric Roberts never got to compete, though, as the Transformer Optimus Prime knocked him out and stole his name tag. Although in writing he was dubbed Eric Roberts, throughout the entire episode everybody referred to him as “Julia Roberts’ Brother.” The cartoon can be viewed at College University Character Bios.

Most recently, Eric Roberts appeared on Entourage, in episode 5 of the 5th season, entitled “Tree Trippers.” Eric Roberts accompanied Vince, Drama, Turtle, and Ari to Joshua Tree in the desert. Eric Roberts was included in the trip because the group wanted some “magic mushrooms” to eat while in the desert, and Drama knew that “ER” would have some.

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