5 Tips for Great Relationship

Enjoying a great relationship – mentally and sexually, involves more than understanding and sexual compatibility between partners. External factors like the location of the bedroom, location of the bed, colour of the walls and bed sheets and décor of the bedroom have its important role to play. This is where Vastu – the magical science of interiors, comes to rescue.

Directions play a major role in creating an Aura of Passion, tranquillity and rest, which are very important for your love life to go smoothly.

(1) Advisable Space: South West is the direction of Earth element which promotes love and bonding. The bed should be placed towards the South West of the bed room with the headrest pointing to South or East.

(2) Not-Advisable Space: Couples should specifically not use North East as their bedroom as it is not considered auspicious to lead married life in God’s abode.

(3) Avoid: Avoid clutter in the bedroom as it can leave you exhausted leaving no time for sensual union. If you do not keep it clean at both visible and invisible levels, then you will feel that you are getting churlish and losing sleep. Avoid glaring lights in the bed room and go for diffused lighting.

(4) Place: Placing the bed between two doors can lead to restlessness in your lives.

(5) Decorations: Interestingly, not just its directions, but also the decorative items placed in the bedroom, including artefacts, paintings, mirrors, statues etc. have a direct bearing on your life. E.g., an aromatic candle kept in the South-east direction adds to the excitement level.

On the same lines, the incorrect placement of a mirror in the bedroom induces the feeling of infidelity in either of the two partners. Similarly, a couple of love birds or doves on the bed rest inculcate feelings of togetherness.

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