Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Series-Disabled Legend Fred Durst

Fred Durst was born on 20 August, 1970. Fred is an American singer, actor and film director, known primarily as the founder of nu metal band Limp Bizkit. Fred Durst is well known for his great use of energy on stage and getting large crowds of people pumped. Fred’s image made Limp Bizkit what they are today and is considered to be an icon to many lead vocalists. In some cases, however, Fred’s live stage presence has created controversy on multiple occasions. In 1999, the media portrayed his performance of “Break Stuff” during Woodstock 1999 as contributing to many of the festival’s problems with violence and vandalism. OCD is very present in Fred Durst’s life although he does not like talking about it to the media, he did admit that it is hard to deal with.

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Dyslexia Series-Disabled Legend Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was born on 3 March 1847 and died on 2 August 1922. Alexander was Well known as the inventor of the telephone Alexander was actually attempting to find a way that could make deaf people hear. Alexander’s mother was slowly becoming deaf when Alexander was only 12 years old making him extremely sensitive to disabilities. Once older he was constantly seeking a way to cure them through technology. Alexander himself had Dyslexia which would cause him problems at school, but he always kept his interest for Science, especially Biology. Alexander would show a great indifference for everything else and would have poor grades. Today Alexander Graham Bell is also well known as one of the founders of the National Geographic society.

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